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"Michael is an inspiring teacher and I have progressed beyond my expectations here at MM Drum School"


"Where some people might view some of Michael's students as difficult, he has chosen to create a bespoke program for each regardless of age, medical condition or other perceived difficulty, and to bring them personal development that they probably wouldn't otherwise have had access to."



Michael was interviewed & published in an exciting new book by author Dan Allen. The philisophy of Drums!


Over 20 chapters on topics such as Rudiments, Timing & Groove, Solo’ing, Recording, Listening, Learning and more - with tangible, concrete homework tasks to help get you started exploring new ways of ‘thinking’ about your playing & techniques


The book is currently available for purchase via Amazon books store world wide.

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Michael is a strong supporter of The Prince's Trust and is passionate about helping others. As a young ambassador he is wanting to help the Trust share the stories of inspirational young people & promote the programs offered.  


"I am really grateful for having such an excellent business mentor (Nick Whittaker). Nick has supported me with vital business decisions and key legalities. Every Prince's Trust supported business is allocated with a mentor for 2 years"

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