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Drum Lessons in Derby

Just starting to play?


From your very first lesson you’ll be playing grooves and fills on a full drum kit and building your abilities through the lessons at your own pace along to the music that you like to listen to and aspire to play.


We’ll make sure that you’re developing good habits and techniques from day one.


We’ll also focus on how you play, as much as what you play, which is as important for your long term enjoyment of the instrument. You’ll be playing along to your favourite songs before you know it.


It all starts right here.


Going for your grades?


We work closely with RSL Rock School Ltd exam board and offer in house video exams at our facility. Due to our advanced set up we are able to handle all of the technical set up for you.


The value of the qualifications we offer -

"RSL advocates an open access approach to qualifications, providing a range of syllabi, designed to accommodate a wide variety of candidates of different ages, experience and levels of achievement. RSL awards qualifications that are listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England and Northern Ireland by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). RSL is committed to maintaining and improving its reputation for excellence by providing high quality education and training through its syllabi, examinations, music and resources"


The sense of achievement from passing your grades and getting the certificates is amazing. They are a great and very enjoyable way of developing your abilities and there are grade levels for every level of ability. With our guidence we will make sure you are most prepared for your exams.


Playing for fun?


If you want lessons purely for the enjoyment and satisfaction of learning a new instrument and a new skill, then that’s a great reason to start.


Playing in a band isn’t for everyone at the start, but it may be as your ability and confidence grows. If you fancy having a taster drum lesson, or maybe you want to buy lessons for a friend, come along to MM Drum School in Derby and give it a go.

How long are the lessons?


Our drum lessons range from 30 min slots to hour long lessons. It's completely up to you. We recommend starting of with 30 min lessons to give you a feel for it. As you progress you may want to extend your lesson times. We will work with you to ensure you have the most appropriate lesson times to suit your learning.


Are the lessons expensive?


Our lessons are competitively priced and provide a good value quality service. Please head over to our Session Prices & Offers page for more details or simply get in touch.

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Drum Lessons Derby - Award Winning | MM Drum School®

"I love my drumming at MM Drum School, it's so FUN and I love it"

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